How to Spot a Storm Chasing Contractor

The weather in St. Louis is often unpredictable – we haven’t had a heat wave like this since the 1950’s. St. Louisans know that tornadoes and hail are not just exclusive to springtime. Remember the storm that hit in December 2010? For that reason, it is important to be aware that there are those that prey on other people’s misfortune. Frederic Roofing has outlined some red flags to look for in identifying a storm chasing roofer.

· After a storm, reputable contractors won’t likely have the time to go door-to-door offering estimates on your roof’s damage. Storm chasers regularly are the contractors making unexpected visits to your home with the hopes that your convenience will be all they need to get your business. Remember: quality work will be worth the wait for more minor roofing repairs.

· If a contractor requires full payment before a service is given, beware. Contractors that are storm chasers often require money upfront – they may say it is for supplies, repair, cleanup, etc. – and then you will never see them again.

· Out-of-town license plates are also a key indicator that you are dealing with a small storm chaser. With a trustworthy, local contractor you are likely to receive a warranty should a problem arise with your roof. Storm chasers cannot offer that same guarantee.

· Storm chasers often place victims of storm damage in high pressure-sales situations. If you are feeling forced in any way to commit to a contractor, take a step back from the situation and collect your thoughts. An honest St. Louis contractor would never bully a potential customer to get more business.

When the inevitable bad weather rolls through St. Louis, remember that an experienced and reputable St. Louis roofing contractor is the best option for your roofing repair or replacement. Contact Frederic Roofing today for a free estimate for your damaged roof.

St. Louis Roof Cleaning Enhances Curb Appeal

Do you pride yourself on having a well-kept home, both inside and out? Thinking about listing your home? Sick of seeing those ugly black stains on your roof every time you pull into your driveway? No matter your motivation, local St. Louis roofing company – Frederic Roofing – has just what you need to restore your roof to its former glory.

The Path to a Clean Roof

Frederic Roofing’s exclusive Roof Restore System provides the most cost-effective solution for ugly black roof staining. Offered exclusively by an experienced St. Louis roofing contractor, this system is the only treatment that restores your roof’s beauty and defends against future algae infestation. Roof Restore is applied using components which are water-based and sprayed at low pressure. No pressure washing!

Roof Restore Stage 1: cleans the roof and removes existing algae stains.

Roof Restore Stage 2: defends against future algae infestation.

Roof Restore Stage 3: binds Stage 2 to the roof for long-term defense.

Only Roof Restore enhances the curb appeal of your home or business. It protects your property over time by eliminating the need for expensive and potentially damaging maintenance contracts. Roof Restore is backed by a limited 3-year warranty. Frederic Roofing’s experienced applicators have been trained to treat your property with respect, avoiding damage to your roof or landscaping.

Ready to schedule your Roof Restore service? Contact us today!

Your St. Louis Roofing Questions Answered: Metal or Asphalt Roof?

Is a Metal Roof or Asphalt Roof Better?

As your leading St. Louis roofing contractor, Frederic Roofing knows a thing or two about various types of roofing materials. From slate to shingles to metal and more, your options are endless. By far the most popular roofing choice of St. Louisans is a shingled option; however, we are installing more and more residential metal roofs. Here are the pros and cons of both materials:

Metal Roofs

The biggest appeal of these roofs is their longevity and durability. While asphalt roofs can have a lifespan anywhere from 10-20 years – depending on who installs your roof – your metal roof has a life expectancy of over 50 years. 50. Five oh. Unfortunately, much of the drawback of metal roofs is the upfront price. Metal roofs are more expensive to make and take more time to install, so these roofing systems are significantly more expensive than their shingled counterpart.

Asphalt Roofs

Traditionally, a shingled roof is the material of choice throughout the Midwest. Whether they aren’t going to live there long enough to see a payback or it’s too big of a commitment, not many homeowners can’t justify a large purchase like a metal roof. A shingled roof is affordable, attractive and Frederic Roofing’s asphalt roofs offer an unbeatable warranty. These options are easier to repair, but also easier to damage.

When it comes down to it, choosing between an asphalt and metal roof ultimately lies with whichever you prefer. Both are great options! Want to find out more about having a new roof installed? Contact Frederic Roofing today.