The storm has passed and you notice a small drip on your ceiling. A trip into the attic shows water dripping from one of the joists. What do you do?


The answer is you contact a roofing expert to examine where the water is coming from, the likely culprit, and give an honest estimate as to how and when the repairs will be done.


When you have roof issues, you need an expert to examine the problem, immediately. You don’t have time for them to fit you into their schedule or give you excuses.


The longer you wait to repair a roof, the more likely moisture will get into your attic and turn a relatively inexpensive repair job into a costly overhaul. Make sure you trust the right company with any roofing, issue, contact Frederic Roofing.


Call Frederic Roofing today to schedule routine maintenance or to play a new roof installation. Through the years we have learned that communication is the first step in a successful business partnership. We learn exactly what our customers are looking for and respond quickly and professionally to all calls.


With the expert service that Frederic Roofing Company provides, you can be sure that all issues will be fixed correctly the first time.


We understand how crucial your roof is, so your project will receive our full attention until the final inspection. No roofing project is ever finished until you are completely satisfied with the result. We strive to provide the perfect solution for any of your roofing needs by providing you with not only the best products but the best service as well.


We have satisfied the needs of over 80,000 customers and look forward to many more. Let us show you why so many people have trusted their roof to Frederic Roofing Company.


Call us today to learn more about our services or to request an inspection and quote. Our business is built on repeat customers, word of mouth recommendations, and positive feedback and ratings from previous work we have done. This kind of reputation is priceless and these customers are gained by providing fast service, trustworthy advice, and fair quotes for work. We look forward to working with you and becoming your go-to roofing company for years to come.


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