For Emergencies, please call:


The Frederic Roofing Company team knows the benefits that come with having a plan in place for when roofing emergencies happen at your home or business, and we want to let you know that we are there for you! The solutions that our emergency roofing services offer are based on the specific needs of your roof at that time. Frederic Roofing Company will put the best plan of action into effect for your home right away. It is our personal guarantee that our roofers will provide you with a permanent repair to your roof leaking emergency that will prevent any further damage to your home and property while keeping it protected.

At Frederic Roofing Company, we understand that the weather can be tough on your home at times and that roofing damage and leaks can happened when you least expect it. Our professional staff will be there to help you when these instances do occur. Having any unexpected roofing damage will not only affect the outside portion of your home but the inside as well. No one wants to deal with the negative effects that water can cause to their home because of a roofing repair that needs to be performed right away. If you have a roofing emergency and aren’t sure what to do, you need to know who to call. Frederic Roofing Company will provide you with the best solution to your roofing emergency and keep your home protected in a timely manner.

Our team of trained, professional roofers has satisfied the needs of over 80,000 customers in the area. They implement the perfect emergency roofing solutions and exceed the expectations of customers during their time of need. We will show you all of the reasons why St. Louis residents and business owners continue to call Frederic Roofing Company for all of their roofing emergencies. Request an estimate or give us a call today and learn more about the importance of having a plan in place for any unexpected roofing emergency. We look forward to working with you and finding a permanent solution to your roofing emergency.