4 Benefits of Working with a Local Roofing Contractor

So, it happened.  An early September St. Louis storm churned up late one sticky afternoon and blew through your town.  Some trees are down, a few people lost power, but the worst of it, to you, are the shingles in the yard, the gutters that are detached from the house, and the growing dark spot on your living room ceiling. You need roof repair and soon.  But who do you call, and why? Some companies follow the storm, offering bargain basement rates and a quick turnaround. Others are local, have been in the community for decades. Which is better?


The biased advice from Frederic Roofing is to call a local contractor, but there are some very solid reasons why a local roofing contractor is the best choice when you need emergency or routine roof maintenance.


A local contractor knows you – Perhaps they don’t know you personally, but they will treat you like they do. And they have good reason to, they are members of the same community. You see their commercials during baseball games, they sponsor local charities, you see their trucks driving around town. A local company will bring a neighborly approach because they actually are your neighbors.


The local company has better accountability – Let’s say you hire a storm chaser to repair your roof and later down the road when something goes wrong. They are long gone. And even if they do have a guarantee, there is no guarantee they will honor it. They already made their money off of you, why would they fix a minor issue? A local company stands by its services because as your neighbor, they have to. A good reputation is probably a local company’s greatest asset and if their work doesn’t meet your standards, it is absolutely in their best interests to stand by it and make it right.


Local companies have better references – And this goes beyond social media and internet reviews. If you ask around your neighborhood, chances are one or more of your neighbors have used the same company. Go ahead and ask them if they would use the same company. The advice you get will be more genuine than anything you read online.


Support local business – There are local businesses like Frederic Roofing that have been family businesses since day one. Companies like ours are built on cultures and traditions that just can’t be fabricated or duplicated. And beyond the emotional appeal, you are keeping money in the community and keeping local roofers, your neighbors, employed.


You need a company that will stand by you.  Everyone loves sunny days, but when storms come, you need a local roofing contractor that can stand the rain. Call Frederic Roofing for emergency roofing services or roof replacement. We have been doing this for a very long time, we know the best solutions, you can trust our expertise and our estimates. And we won’t leave you out in the rain.

5 Steps to Prep Your Roof for Fall and Winter

Winter is coming—is your roof ready?

Ever tried fixing your roof in the dead of winter?  It’s much easier to make adjustments when the weather is a little milder, and the snow isn’t mounting up on your roof. The best maintenance is preventative maintenance—it gives you enough time to identify issues with your roof before the changing seasons make their presence known. The important part is being diligent about your preparation. Leave no stone (or shingle) unturned so that you can confidently say that your roof can take on whatever comes its way. We’ve listed some of the most important steps homeowners and business owners alike can take to make sure that their roof is in the best shape possible when winter comes.


Residential/Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

  • Clear off debris: Just because leaves don’t seem to weigh a ton doesn’t mean they don’t add pressure on your roof. As the trees start to do some serious shedding, the collection of leaves can add up. Make sure that you’re removing debris from the surface of your roof. Small pieces of dirt, pine needles, and leaves can contain moisture, rot, or mold that can break down the material and cause roof leaks.
  • Check for early signs of deterioration: Weather events don’t need to be as catastrophic as a tornado to have an impact. Even run-of-the-mill rainstorms and gusting winds can cause significant deterioration over time. Adhering to a consistent preventative maintenance schedule is the best way to make sure that you’re not neglecting any early signs of problems to come. Always try and remain accountable so that you can spot an issue before it’s too late.
  • Clean the gutters: It might seem negligible initially, but the slow build-up of leaves and debris in your gutter can pose a series of issues if you’re not taking the time to remove them. Rainwater can overflow the gutters, causing potentially severe damage to your roof, trim, and siding. A thorough cleaning of your gutters can prevent problems and keep maintenance costs at a lower, more manageable level. Replacing or restructuring an entire gutter can be a costly fix for any home or business.
  • Check the inside of your home, too: You might not think about what goes on in your attic too often, but it’s a hotbed for roofing issues to manifest themselves. If there is light shining through the attic anywhere where your roof should be, it’s imperative that it’s fixed as soon as possible.
  • Examine specific shingles: Your roof might still look great from afar, but inspecting the shingles individually (as arduous as it sounds) is crucial for ensuring the quality of your entire roof. A cohesive, unified roof won’t have any faltering areas that are prone to leaks or damages, but over time their condition can be compromised. Make sure that you’re staying out in front of the issue before the season’s change and amount of issues that could go wrong really kicks up a notch.


How to Choose the Right Roofing Contractor

Does your roof need a touch-up?

The roof over your head isn’t something you can afford to mess around with. When it comes to keeping your home or facility protected, finding a roofing contractor that meets your specific needs is critical. A qualified roofing contractor can help you with emergency services, preventative maintenance, or comprehensive roof replacement services. But even if you know what you need, how do you know which contractor to choose from? In order to choose the right one, you need to make sure that they’re qualified, licensed, and offer services that align with what it is you need.


Home improvement isn’t something you can casually get to in your spare time—you need to make sure that your roofing materials are sound, and that your roofing installation is done with enough to care to last a long time. We’ve outlined specific services that everyone should be aware, as well as essential factors that indicate whether or not that contractor is right for you. Don’t put your roof repair off anymore—take the time to find a qualified contractor today.


What you should do before hiring a contractor

  • Research their credentials: In today’s tech-based society, more businesses than ever are relying on developing a customer base with online advertising and customer reviews. With so much information available about a contractor’s practices, qualifications, pricing, and more, it’s imperative that you take the time to see if they’re a good fit for your project. Yelp, Google Reviews, Angie’s List, and other customer review sites are great for finding out if what they have to offer aligns closely with what you need them for.
  • Identify their specialty: Sure, they might have dabbled in one specific service, but is it something they put front and center on their existing site? If there’s no information concerning their ability or experience for that specific task, they’re probably not the right fit for that project. Find a company that offers a diverse range of services, from metal roofing work to comprehensive asphalt shingling. Your type of roof is specific to your building; you can’t afford to hire someone that doesn’t make sense for your home or facility—the safety of your family and co-owners depends on it.
  • Check out their portfolio: Any company that doesn’t offer up evidence of work they’ve done is one you should be wary of. After all, wouldn’t they be keen to show off their portfolio if it was worth mentioning? If they say they have experience remediating roof leaks or working with shingle roofs but there’s no evidence, then it’s a red flag. A company that specializes in diversified solutions is one worth examining more closely.
  • Examine their pricing: This one might seem like it should go without saying, but it’s worth repeating. A lot of homeowners or building managers will research roofing companies that A) don’t specialize in the services they need or B) offer a price point that’s out of reach. Make sure that the provider you choose offers cost-effective services, but not so cheap that it raises suspicion.




Looking for a Local Roofer?

What we do for St. Louis

The roof of your building is arguably its most important structural element. It keeps your family safe and dry, and it protects your vital business assets.  It is the reason why you are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Protect your investment by trusting the local roofing experts of Frederic Roofing Company for all your roofing needs.

When you partner with Frederic Roofing, you are gaining a valuable ally that will take your concerns seriously, listen and respond to your needs, provide professional service at a fair and honest price, and deliver a professional product that is done right the first time. If you have a roofing issue or are facing replacement, you need a trusted, local professional to give you an honest assessment and not play games or nickel and dime you at every opportunity. You will get nothing but our very best, at a great price. This trust is perhaps the best product we offer, and you won’t find it listed in a catalog.

We offer a full array of roofing services for home and business owners alike. Not only are we experts in traditional roofing repairs and techniques, but we will address your unique concerns and apply new methods and technologies to protect the investment you have made in your home or business. If you are looking for a roofing contractor near you, look no further than Frederic Roofing.

We offer:

  • Residential roofing installation
  • Residential roofing repair
  • Commercial roofing installation
  • Commercial roofing repair
  • Industrial roofing installation
  • Industrial roofing repair
  • Roof removal
  • Emergency roofing services
  • Soffit installation and repair
  • Fascia installation and repair
  • Gutter installation and repair
  • Gutter cover installation and repair
  • Downspout installation and repair
  • Tuckpointing
  • Chimney caps
  • Roof masonry work
  • Sheet metal work

Why choose us?

We are proud to be one of the most well-known and versatile roofing companies in the St. Louis area. Our long-time reputation for providing exceptional customer service has led us to a legacy of excellence. We provide an array of top quality services that include commercial, residential, and industrial roofing options. We are always improving our services and products to offer the most choices for our customers. And our services don’t ever end after the work is done. We are always a phone call away whenever an issue arises.

Our roofing professionals can handle any home improvement project and many different roofing projects you have in mind. Whether you need a new metal roof, need to repair shingle roofing, are installing a new roof on a new building, need a new roofing system, or a total roof replacement, Frederic Roofing will bring quality work and the best roofing materials to your project.

Frederic Roofing provides service to both Missouri and Illinois residents and business owners while also holding roofing licenses in Tennessee and Florida. We are confident that we can successfully answer all your roofing questions and address any of your concerns. Choosing Frederic Roofing is an investment you can feel confident about and the best way to protect your home/business.

Why do I need a roof warranty?

A replaced roof is a substantial expense and depending on the materials used can reliably protect your home for 50 years or more. Reputable roofing contractors and roofing materials manufacturers stand by their products by issuing long-term warranties for roof repair or replacement.

Get to know your roof warranty

As a homeowner or business owner, you should familiarize yourself with the different types of roof warranties that are typically issues and how they work.  The different types of roof warranties include:

Installation warranty – This is issued by the contractor or company that installed the roof. This warranty covers the workmanship of the repair or replacement.

Manufacturer warranties – This product warranty covers the materials used for your roof, typically asphalt shingles, and covers any failures or defects discovered after the materials have been installed. Depending on the products used, some roofing manufacturers may issue a full system warranty that covers flashings and other accessories of the roof system that includes their products.

These warranties will cover any materials used and labor required for repairs under their guidelines. But the warranty itself won’t extend the life of your roof, the maintenance and inspections required will and as the property owner it is important that you are making sure you are following the requirements of the warranty and that your roof is safe and working as intended.

Regular inspections are key

The average roof warranty requires an inspection by a professional roof contractor at least once a year. During the inspection, the technician will check all materials and workmanship of repairs or recent installations. The inspection will include any other issues that can turn into problems in the future so problems can be addressed immediately before they become significant problems. If you fail to schedule inspections and ignore minor roofing issues, you might void your warranty should an issue arise. An inspection can also be combined with regular, routine maintenance such as gutter cleaning, flashing maintenance, and other minor repairs.

Trust Frederic Roofing

All of our work crews are fully insured, safety oriented, and employees of Frederic Roofing Company. We employ licensed roofing technicians who are ready to help you and answer all questions about your current roofing repairs or replacements for your home. With our expert service, we ensure that all issues are corrected the first time. With over 80,000 satisfied customers in the St. Louis area, we would love the opportunity to show you why so many residents continue to choose Frederic for all their roofing needs. For a full roof inspection, call Frederic Roofing today!


Is insurance coverage important for your new roof?

The contractors have left, the nails and debris have been removed from your lawn, the checks have been written, and you are left with the aftermath of all this effort and expense. Replacing a roof is a time consuming and expensive process. When you look up at your new roof, you can’t help but wonder what would happen if it were destroyed tomorrow. There is no reason to panic, your roof installer and homeowners insurance is there to help you protect your investment. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are prepared and give you some peace of mind.

Is my new roof covered under warranty?

Reputable residential roofing contractors not only do quality work, but they steadfastly stand by their quality and their roofing services by issuing installation warranties. Your contractor will have explained this before a single shingle was installed. The asphalt shingles themselves most likely have a manufacturer’s warranty that covers repair or replacement of defective materials after they have been installed. Frederic Roofing will make sure you understand all warranties associated with your new roof and have all documentation.

Does my homeowner’s policy cover roof damage?

Coverage will depend on how old your property is, how old your roof is, where you live, and other factors. The best way to find out for sure is to thoroughly read your policy or contact your insurance provider.

Each provider is different and will cover things differently.  For example:

How was your roof damaged? – Wind, rain, and hail are natural occurrences normally covered by your policy, but fire, tree branches, or vandalism, although unpreventable, may not be.

How old is your roof? – If your roof is ten years old or less you may be fully covered at the time of your claim. If it is older, your insurance company may reimburse you only for the depreciated value of your roof which takes into account the aging and wearing of the roof materials.

How to protect your new roof

The best way to make sure your roof lasts a long time is to schedule annual roof inspections by a trained roofing technician. This inspection will investigate the cause of any immediate issues such as leaks but also for other potential issues that can affect the life of your roof in the future. If your roof is under warranty, this may be a requirement, but even if not, regular inspections are the only way you can see potential issues coming and take action to fix them before they become costly problems down the road.

Call Frederic Roofing

Our licensed technicians have years of experience inspecting and maintaining residential roofs just like yours. Your new roof can be damaged by wear and tear just as easily as a falling tree or high winds. Frederic Roofing can provide the regular inspections you need for peace of mind. Call us today and see why over 80,000 satisfied customers have trusted Frederic Roofing with their home.


The Top Four Benefits of Working with a Local Roofing Contractor

So it happened. You couldn’t get your house out of the way fast enough, and the last storm blew through the area complete with buckets of hail and high winds. Now you are missing shingles, and the skylight seems to be leaking. Where do you go for quick repairs? This is where turning to a local roofing company like Frederic makes perfect sense.

Quick response times

Storm damage means you need to have your roof repaired as soon as possible because waiting only brings more moisture into your home which only makes things worse. Storm damage is an emergency situation and a local company can get to your home quickly, provide an honest assessment of the damage, and walk you through how and when your roof will be repaired and how much it will cost.

You can easily get local references

When you use a local company for repairs, chances are someone on your block or in your family has also used them. You can personally see examples of their work and familiarize yourself with the kind of relationships they have with their customers.

Local contractors are better equipped to handle regional building codes

A local contractor knows all local building requirements and can immediately determine if a roof is non-compliant and suggest how it can be remedied.  Local contractors also have been in the area a long time and are familiar with local weather conditions and other regional challenges.

Better customer service

To a local company, your recommendation is better than any TV commercial or web advertising giving them extra incentive to make sure the work is done quickly, under budget, and right the first time. A national company may not be able to provide the personal attention your roofing project requires. If you do encounter an issue, the local company will be more accessible in case you need to process any warranty claims or need any post-installation services.

Frederic Roofing is your St. Louis area roofing specialist

We have served the St. Louis area since 1929 and examples of our work can be seen in virtually every neighborhood. Replacing your roof is an important home improvement project, and it is important to choose a certified roofing professional you trust. Frederic Roofing has been a proud member of this community for decades, and our guarantee to you is that your roofing restoration or replacement will be done right the first time, all costs will be explained up front, and you will be delighted with the result. It is the neighborly thing to do.


Benefits of a Roof Restoration

When you have a hole in your roof, does it really mean you need a whole new roof?

Perhaps not. If your existing roof is in generally good condition and if you’ve been performing periodic maintenance, the cost to repair a roof is considerably less than what you would expect to pay for an entire roof replacement. During a restoration, the existing roofing material is left in place, minor roof leaks are repaired, and the entire roof system is resurfaced. This is far less expensive than the average cost of an entire roof replacement.

Can my roof be restored instead of replaced?

Unfortunately not all roofing systems are good candidates for roof restoration. The professionals at Frederic Roofing will use the following criteria to determine of your roof is a good candidate for restoration:

  • How long has it been since the last inspection? There should be good documentation of yearly maintenance
  • What kind of roof do you have? Most metal roofs or asphalt shingles can be repaired but slate tile roofs may not be.
  • Are there signs of moisture damage or decay? Damage to the flashing around a chimney or skylight or near gutters makes a restoration more difficult.
  • How many layers of roofing material are already in place? Stripping and replacing existing material can be costly, meaning restoration is more likely.

Frederic Roofing will help you make the right decision.

A thorough inspection by the pros at Frederic will determine the overall condition of your roof and will weight the cost of a roof restoration per square foot against the probable roof repair cost. This allows you to make the most informed home improvement decision. Your roof is a critical component of your house and we will make sure it continues to protect your home for years to come.

Frederic Roofing is a premier St. Louis roofing contractor that has been providing quality roofing services since 1929. We have the experience and expertise to handle any roofing issue and you can trust us to find the best solution to your roofing needs. Your roofing project will receive our full attention until it is finished. No projects are ever left partially completed because we focus on helping all of our customers solve any of their roofing issues. For a hole in your roof, give Frederic Roofing a call, we look forward to working with you!


How to Spot a Storm Chasing Contractor

The weather in St. Louis is often unpredictable – we haven’t had a heat wave like this since the 1950’s. St. Louisans know that tornadoes and hail are not just exclusive to springtime. Remember the storm that hit in December 2010? For that reason, it is important to be aware that there are those that prey on other people’s misfortune. Frederic Roofing has outlined some red flags to look for in identifying a storm chasing roofer.

· After a storm, reputable contractors won’t likely have the time to go door-to-door offering estimates on your roof’s damage. Storm chasers regularly are the contractors making unexpected visits to your home with the hopes that your convenience will be all they need to get your business. Remember: quality work will be worth the wait for more minor roofing repairs.

· If a contractor requires full payment before a service is given, beware. Contractors that are storm chasers often require money upfront – they may say it is for supplies, repair, cleanup, etc. – and then you will never see them again.

· Out-of-town license plates are also a key indicator that you are dealing with a small storm chaser. With a trustworthy, local contractor you are likely to receive a warranty should a problem arise with your roof. Storm chasers cannot offer that same guarantee.

· Storm chasers often place victims of storm damage in high pressure-sales situations. If you are feeling forced in any way to commit to a contractor, take a step back from the situation and collect your thoughts. An honest St. Louis contractor would never bully a potential customer to get more business.

When the inevitable bad weather rolls through St. Louis, remember that an experienced and reputable St. Louis roofing contractor is the best option for your roofing repair or replacement. Contact Frederic Roofing today for a free estimate for your damaged roof.