The present-day city of Chesterfield is comprised of five smaller communities, Bellefontaine, Lake, Gumbo, Monarch that in 1988 banded together to form one of the largest western suburbs of the St. Louis area.  Chesterfield is home to the Spirit of St. Louis airport and the largest strip mall complex in the US.

Chesterfield sheet metal roofing

The metal roof on your home or business in Chesterfield is a strong and durable barrier that will keep the elements out of your home, and the people inside safe and dry. With a long lifespan and a unique look, an elegant galvanized sheet metal roof from Frederic Roofing will make your building stand out. Our experienced roofing technicians know the best solution for your home or business, and you can trust that your roof will be installed with only the utmost care and efficiency. If you need

Chesterfield downspouts

How your roof drains water away from your foundation is critical to keeping the contents of your basement dry and lengthening the life of your foundation. Water that is allowed to pool near your foundation can seep into the concrete and turn small cracks into larger ones. The downspouts of your roof’s guttering system are important to this process. Regular cleaning will prevent them from becoming clogged. When designing the guttering system for your roof, the downspouts must be placed at regular intervals to make sure water drains quickly. Frederic Roofing will implement the best solution of downspout drainage for any of your roofing desires while giving you the best service a roofing company can provide.

Trust Frederic Roofing for all your roofing needs

Our first step to a successful business partnership is communication. We take the time to learn exactly what our customers are looking for and respond quickly and professionally to their needs. Your roof is a crucial structural component of your home or business. From initial planning to the final inspection and beyond, your project will receive our full attention.

With the expert roofing services that Frederic Roofing Company provides, you can be sure that all issues with your property will be fixed correctly the first time. No roofing project is ever finished until you are completely satisfied with the result. We have satisfied the roofing needs of over 80,000 customers in the St. Louis metro area and look forward to many more. Let us show you why so many people have trusted their roof to Frederic Roofing Company.