Ellisville grew from a plantation that was built in 1837, into one of the important outer ring suburbs in the St. Louis metropolitan area. Ellisville is near a number of prominent St. Louis area attractions including Castlewood State Park, Lone Elk Park, and the World Bird Sanctuary.

Ellisville Roof Repair

When your Ellisville home needs a repaired roof, call Frederic Roofing. Our team will do everything to keep the exterior of your home protected for several years to come. We inspect the entire structure both inside and out to find the source of leaks, replace shingles, and restore waterproof flashing around skylights and chimneys. By partnering with us, we’ll make sure to handle every roofing task from end-to-end. This includes inspections, installations, preventative maintenance, and beyond. We have the expertise to point out immediate problems as well as smaller issues that may escalate to major damage in the future. If you have a hole in your roof or you find you need to install a whole new roof, Frederic Roofing should be your first call.

Ellisville Roof Cleaning

As your roof ages, it tends to collect debris and mold. This is particularly apt if your roof is under tall trees. This kind of build up can destroy the protective covering of your roof. Professional roof cleaning from Frederic Roofing will make sure your home in Ellisville is protected and dry. We offer power washing services to remove any unwanted residue from your roof to improve the quality of life for your home or office building. This includes a gentle detergent that cleans the shingles and the areas beneath them to make sure no debris remains and no biological growth accumulates. Call us when it’s time for you to wash your roof and see how a clean roof will boost your homes’ curb appeal.

Ellisville Roof Inspection

If you suspect an issue with your roof, if you see stains on your ceiling or bulging drywall, you need a professional roofer to come to your Ellisville home and inspect. Our trained technicians will inspect all elements of your roof, check for broken shingles, inspect the flashing around roof structures, check the structure underneath, and make sure all guttering is working as it should, to give you the peace of mind you need. And if an issue is found, we can offer you a number of options for repair or replacement. Your roof is an important structure, don’t neglect or ignore it, especially if you suspect an issue. Unresolved problems can grow into larger ones in no time.

If you live in the Ellisville area or own a business that needs a reliable roofer, then give us a call or visit our nearest office during standard business hours.

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