Snugged between the Mississippi and Meramec Rivers, you’ll find the wonderful city of Oakville.  As one of South County’s most densely populated cities, Oakville is home to over 10,500 families within an 18-square mile radius.

Roof Restore Oakville

Here’s a quick tip for homeowners: the black roof staining that might be spreading across your home’s roof will wreak havoc if you don’t fix it right away.  That’s why Frederic Roofing offers an exclusive Roof Restore System that provides a cost-effective solution for ugly black roof staining.  As Oakville’s leading roofing contractor, our system is the only treatment that will both restore the beauty of your roof and defend against future algae infestation.  The process does not include pressure washing, and instead, uses water-based components that are sprayed at a low pressure.

Stage 1: cleans the roof and removes existing algae stains.

Stage 2: defends against future algae infestation.

Stage 3: binds Stage 2 to the roof for long-term defense.

This service is backed by our limited 3-year warranty. All our team members have been trained to treat your property with respect, avoiding damage to your roof or any other area of your home.

Oakville Roof Repair

If you’re tired of constant roof leaking, it’s time to call the professionals for roof repair help.  Since 1929, Frederic Roofing Company has served the Oakville area with top of the line repair services.  Whether your roofing project is commercial or residential, Frederic roofing is there to help.  We’ll start with a complimentary roof inspection, diagnose the problem, and then fix the source of the issue efficiently and effectively.

Roofing Oakville

For 87 years, Frederic Roofing has provided the Oakville community with a trusted team of roofing experts.  We can install all types of commercial and residential roofing types, including shake, slate, tile, flat, low slope, mansard, gable, and hip.  Frederic’s technicians are fully insured, licensed, safety oriented, and always ready to help the Oakville community with their roofing solutions.

Are you ready to get started? Request an estimate, stop on by, or give us a call today to learn more! We look forward to becoming your Oakville area roofer.