With the Meramec River to the west and the Mississippi to the east, Oakville is surrounded by water. This outer ring suburb of St. Louis is about as far south as you can get in South County.

Oakville Roof Repair

When you begin to notice leaking or staining on the ceiling of your Oakville home, it is time to call Frederic Roofing for a free inspection. Our experienced roofing technicians will inspect your roof, inside and out, to look for damage and worn areas to get to the root of the issue. Our years of experience will make sure you are getting quality work and materials, while also getting the best deal possible. We guarantee the quality of your roof repair and if you experience any issue in the future, give us a call and we will make it right.

Oakville Emergency Roof Repair

When a storm tears through the Oakville area, your roof can take a beating from hail, rain, and wind damage. Roof systems are designed to handle damage but when you need emergency repair, call Frederic Roofing. We will inspect the damage and do what is needed to mitigate the damage and protect the belongings and occupants inside until a more permanent solution can be completed. In fact, it is our guarantee that our roofers will provide you with a permanent repair to your roof leaking emergency that will prevent any further damage to your home and property while keeping it protected.

Oakville Tuck Pointing

Having a chimney on your Oakville home does add a wonderful feature, but its mortar joints and rock can eventually become damaged and present a significant issue for the rest of the roofing system. Tuck pointing will assist in protecting your home and chimney, and we are confident that our staff will provide you with the best solution for your roof. Your roofing system is designed to transport water off of your structure, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t susceptible to damage from water. Chimneys and other roof structures present a significant issue and if you experience leaks or shingle damage, it is likely that shifting or damage to these structures is the culprit. Tuck pointing from Frederic Roofing will make sure these structures are safe and not contributing to a larger roof issue.

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Frederic roofing has proudly served Oakville and other communities in the greater St. Louis area for almost a century. We are experienced roofing contractors that specialize in roof inspections, quality roof repair, and roofing installations. We are confident that when you call, we will have a reasonable and lasting solution.  Call us today for a free inspection and a free estimate.