From its beginnings as a trade hub at the confluence of three major rivers to its prominence as a center of innovation and industry, the City of St. Louis is a community steeped in culture, history, and character. Home of the Gateway Arch, Forest Park as well as hundreds of neighborhoods waiting to be explored, there is never a shortage of things to see and do. When you include the surrounding communities from Belleville in Illinois to Wentzville further down I-70, you will find a community as diverse and as prosperous as any in the US.

St. Louis residential roofing

Your roof is arguably the most important feature of your home. It keeps your family safe and dry. It insulates you from the cold winters and keeps everything cool during the heat of summer. Which is why it is critical that you have a professional roofing company like Frederic Roofing inspect and maintain it on a regular basis. We have the expertise to point out immediate problems as well as smaller issues that may escalate to major damage in the future. If you have a hole in your roof or you find you need to install a whole new roof, Frederic Roofing should be your first call.

St. Louis commercial roofing

If you are experiencing issues with any kind of commercial roof, call Frederic Roofing for an inspection. Over the years we have seen, and repaired it all, from weather damage to leaks, to mold, and our technicians know the best way to have them repaired quickly and correctly the first time. Outdated and damaged roofing can cost your St. Louis business dearly if not corrected.  Don’t waste your time or money, call Frederic Roofing.

St. Louis gutter repair and installation

Gutters protect your roof and the rest of your property by directing rainwater down and away from your building and foundation. Nothing ruins a St. Louis foundation quicker than water and keeping your gutters clean and free of debris is critical to this system working as intended. Our licensed contractors are trained to spot and correct issues with your gutters, so these small problems don’t turn into expensive renovations down the road.

St. Louis masonry work

At Frederic Roofing Company, all of our masonry work is done with top of the line materials, ensuring that you are receiving only the best for your home or business. Our team of certified masonry contractors will take the time to learn exactly what you’re looking for in your masonry and provide you with the exact products and services you are searching for.  We will implement the best solution for any project while making sure you receive the best customer service a roofing company can provide.

St. Louis sheet metal work

Our professional staff and on-site sheet metal facilities mean your sheet metal roof will be installed correctly and made of durable, quality materials that won’t break your budget. Your home or business will have a unique, finished look from a roof that will serve you reliably for years to come. Call Frederic Roofing for all your galvanized roofing needs.

St. Louis emergency roof repair

The weather in St. Louis is unpredictable and potentially dangerous. Our area is subject to high winds, hail, torrential rain, snow and ice storms, and severe heat and cold that can damage your roof and ruin your property. Once the storm passes, call Frederic Roofing. We will inspect the damage and immediately develop a repair solution. It is our guarantee that our roofers will provide you with a permanent repair to your roof leaking emergency that will prevent any further damage to your home and property while keeping it protected.

Trust Frederic Roofing

The critical first step to a successful professional relationship is communication. When you have a roof issue, you are concerned how extensive the issue is and how much it will cost to repair.  Your building, your budget, and your needs are different from every other customer and we take the time to learn your concerns, take your needs into account, and provide you with an honest, common-sense solution.

Our family-owned and operated business have been managed by four generations of the Frederic family, and we have proudly served the St. Louis area since 1929. Consistent family leadership, a dedication to our community, and more than 90 years of dependable and reliable service have made us a well-known and versatile roofing company in the St. Louis area.

With the expert roofing services that Frederic Roofing Company provides, you can be sure that all issues with your property will be fixed correctly the first time. No roofing project is ever finished until you are completely satisfied with the result. We have satisfied the roofing needs of over 80,000 customers in the St. Louis metro area and look forward to many more. Let Frederic Roofing show you why so many people have trusted their roof to us.