The city of Town & Country is characterized by large green spaces, quiet landscapes, and palatial homes. All of this despite being near one of the busiest intersections of highways and being within a few miles of the bustling city of St. Louis.

Town & Country Roof Repair

At Frederic Roofing, our solutions are customized to the customer’s needs and wishes for their roof. This guarantees that you are receiving exactly what you were searching for and what fits your personal taste. We are educated in every standard of performance and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction. We provide the best solution for any of your roofing desires by giving you the best products and the best service a roofing company can provide.

Whether it’s major damage or just a minor leak, our experienced roofing team will be on the job. We offer free inspections that cover all parts of your roof, shingles and flashing, soffits and gutters, and interior support structure. This inspection also comes with a comprehensive report that gives you an honest look at your roof’s current condition, any major issues, and our recommendation for repairs.

Town & Country Slate Roof Installation

Frederic Roofing Company is a leader when it comes to slate roof installation. A slate roof combines appearance, quality, and sustainability, providing our customers with the best slate options when it comes to their roofing needs. Our colors and texture of slate can establish a unique and visually appealing roof that will enhance the appearance of your home or building. Slate roofing tiles are shaped by hand to meet specific requirements. Our slate roofs are customized to your specifications and our goal is to match what you see in your mind’s eye. This guarantees that you get exactly what you want.

Town & Country Soffit Repair

All homes have some sort of attic ventilation system, including soffit vents at the edge of the roof, and ridge vents along the top of the home. These will allow cool airflow into your attic, which will reduce the temperature in your attic when the weather is hot, protecting roof shingles, HVAC equipment, and rafters. Whether you have continuous strip vents or individual vented fascia boards, we will check for water damage or rotten wood, inspect all soffit material, and make sure there is no mold or damage to important components. Your soffits are important parts of your roof and it is easy to ignore them. Let Frederic Roofing give them a thorough checkup to make sure they serve you for years to come.

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Let us show you all of the reasons why St. Louis residents continue to come to us for all of their roofing needs! We look forward to working with you and becoming your St. Louis roofing contractor for life.