A chimney adds aesthetic appeal to the exterior of your home or office building, but also serves other purposes. A fully functional chimney system helps keep occupants safe from smoke and harmful gases that could leak into your home. It also keeps wildlife from getting in and causing damage. Frederic Roofing Company’s goal is to protect your home with a fully optimal chimney. Our team of professionals provides chimney caps to help protect this valuable roofing apparatus while it’s protecting you.

Chimney Work at Frederic Roofing

chimney capsHaving a chimney can really add to the exterior beauty of your home while also keeping the occupants safe from smoke and other harmful gases that could leak into your home if you did not have one. At Frederic Roofing Company, it is our goal to keep your chimney and home protected. Our team of professionals highly recommends chimney caps to assist in protecting your chimney while it is protecting you.

Chimney Work at Frederic Roofing

Water can be a danger to any residential roofing system. Even the smallest leaks can create long-term problems that call for costly repairs. But with a chimney cap from Frederic Roofing Company, you can prevent rainwater from penetrating your chimney liner. Our caps are durable and stop water from entering by pulling it away from the chimney. And as an added bonus, it also keeps leaves, twigs, and other types of debris from entering your home. In the long run, this can help avoid fire hazards and improve the value of your building.

Our specialties include:

Chimney Cap Installations

This is a dangerous task to perform on your own, but we streamline the project with top-of-the-line technology. By operating a heavy-duty chimney lift, we apply a stainless steel cap directly over the surface of your home’s openings. We make all the connections so the cap sits in a secure position for years to come.

Chimney Cap Repairs

Like anything else that holds value, chimney caps come with a limited lifespan, but our experts help you leverage their effectiveness for as long as possible. We follow up with routine maintenance to fix any chimney caps’ deficiencies over time. From emergency patching to full repairs, we handle it all at an affordable cost.

Animal Prevention Solutions

The Frederic Roofing team not only prevents leaks and substances from seeping into your building, but keeps wildlife from causing damage as well. One of the biggest risks to your home is the environment that surrounds it. Outside elements can cause extreme deterioration, ultimately triggering an early replacement. But our chimney caps are vital in keeping those threats at bay.

One of the biggest responsibilities of our chimney caps is to keep animals in their natural habitat and out of your home. Birds, squirrels, and other small critters can find ways to fit into tiny spaces, causing all sorts of damage and unnecessary stress to your home. The wire netting on the outside of a Frederic Roofing chimney cap acts as a barricade that prevents any animals from making your chimney their new home. With this protective netting blocking debris and animals from damaging your chimney, you can get the most from your chimney’s liner.

Your St. Louis Chimney Expert

At Frederic Roofing Company, we strive to maximize the value of your roofing system by extending its service life. Our experts work to prevent all major damage by complementing our comprehensive tuck-pointing chimney services with the added protection of today’s strongest chimney cover technology. Keeping your home safe can be a difficult task, but our experts can help you prevent outside elements and unwanted creatures from creating harm.

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