Chimney Caps and Masonry Work

chimney capsHaving a chimney can really add to the exterior beauty of your home while also keeping the occupants safe from smoke and other harmful gases that could leak into your home if you did not have one. At Frederic Roofing Company, it is our goal to keep your chimney and home protected. Our team of professionals highly recommends chimney caps to assist in protecting your chimney while it is protecting you.

Chimney Work at Frederic Roofing

Among the many benefits that come with having a chimney cap from Frederic Roofing Company, one of the largest has to be preventing rainwater from obstructing your chimney liner. Water can be a danger to any home owners’ chimney, causing problems that will call for costly repairs. Our caps will stop water from entering by pulling it in a direction away from the chimney itself. It will also keep leaves, twigs, and other types of debris from entering your home through your chimney, reducing the chance for a chimney fire.

Adding to the long list of things that our chimney caps will prevent from entering your home, animals is probably the most important. Birds, squirrels, and other small animals have the ability to fit into tiny spaces causing all sorts of damages and unnecessary stress to your home and yourself! The wire netting on the outside of a chimney cap from Frederic Roofing Company will act as a barricade preventing any animals from making your chimney their new home. Having this netting blocking debris and animals from damaging your chimney will increase the lifetime of your liner. Outside elements can cause extreme deterioration causing for a replacement much sooner.

Your St. Louis Chimney Expert

At Frederic Roofing Company, we strive to extend the overall life of your chimney while preventing all major damage. That is why we recommend our chimney caps and tuck pointing chimney services to all of our customers. If you want to protect your chimney and home from the outside elements and unwanted creatures, let Frederic Roofing Company help. Request an estimate or give us a call today to learn more about finding the right chimney cap for your home.