Frederic Roofing—Your Premier Source for Chimney Tuckpointing and Masonry Protection 

Your roofing provider should always have your best interest in mind and that’s exactly what you get when you work with the Frederic Roofing Company. Our experts make it a priority to protect one of your most valuable assets—your home. 

We know the value of having a working chimney in your home. Not only does it boost the building’s aesthetic appeal, but it’s vital to making sure your indoor environment is comfortable. Chimneys are built to operate for decades, but they don’t last forever. They wear out from years of damage to mortar joints and the chimney’s rock foundation. When you work with us, that won’t happen. 

With Frederic Roofing, you have a dedicated partner working to keep your chimney working correctly. As experts in tuckpointing, we give you everything you need to get the most from your chimney for years to come.

What Is Tuckpointing?

Tuckpointing is a professional roofing technique that helps fill in the gaps between mortar and brick on masonry chimneys. When done right, tuckpointing helps create the illusion that your wall is layered with very fine joints. 

But tuckpointing is a critical procedure and also a vital form of damage control. Its primary purpose is to help stabilize the chimney to the building. Unfortunately, that’s not an easy process. It’s not as simple as applying caulk in between layers of bricks. To tuckpoint your chimney successfully, you need the help of a certified roofing specialist, and that’s where the experts at Frederic Roofing can help. 

How Tuckpointing Can Help You 

Several benefits come along with tuckpointing, but the most obvious one is protecting your home from water. Even a minor crack can cause a significant amount of damage. Our tuckpointing services water seal all gaps, helping prevent wear and tear on brick, stone, and roofing materials. Our job is to keep your property damage-free. We constantly apply fresh mortar to masonry walls to keep indoor environments dry, clean, and safe.

Tuckpointing is also a vital form of pest control. Bugs, rodents, and plenty of other critters have no business in your home, but an open mortar joint is like an invitation. If any of these creatures make their way inside, expect potential health concerns to spread through the house. Frederic Roofing doesn’t let that happen. Fighting off unwanted intrusions is what we do best. During the tuckpointing process, we help keep your building in the best shape, inside and out.

Extend the Life of Your Brick Structure

To get the best results from your roof, you need to make sure your chimney is protected. Signing up for a tuckpointing service from our team is one of the easiest ways to ensure that. With Frederic Roofing, your property will always be safe against nature’s most dangerous elements. There’s a reason we’ve thrived as the preferred source for chimney care and tuckpointing in St. Louis for decades. Reach out today to find out why! 

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