Frederic Celebrates 90 Years in Business

Your St. Louis Roofing Company Is Celebrating 90 Years

90 years is a long time to be in business. Since Frederic Roofing was established in 1929, we have been a premier roofing services provider for the St. Louis area. While our world has grown and technology has changed around us, the simple, time-honored values that sustain Frederic Roofing remain the same. We strive for a culture that respects our employees, respects our customers, and never falls short when it comes to quality work and customer service. 

How Have We Been Around So Long?

By Providing Honest, Knowledgeable, and Dependable Service 

Concentrating on providing the best possible customer service is a simple formula that has sustained our business for 90 years. If you take care of your customers, if you approach their issues as if they were your own, and if you become a resource they trust and turn to when things go wrong, they will continue to provide business. This customer-centered strategy is something we have focused on over the years and is a major reason we are here to serve your roofing needs today.

By Taking Care of Our Employees, We Take Better Care of Our Customers

A longtime employee who grows with the company, helps respond to issues, and treats their duties with care is an asset that can’t be bought. The most important part of a business is its people, and when our employees are proud of who they work for, they produce work that we are proud of. Our employees are the foundation of our business, and through them we hope to serve the St. Louis area for another nine decades.

A Family-Run Business Must Be Family Run

Since 1929, Frederic Roofing has been successfully managed by four generations of the Frederic family. Today, Frederic Roofing remains a family-owned and operated business under the guidance of President Bob Frederic and Vice President Gene Frederic. This consistent family leadership allows us to bring superior roofing services to our customers and community.

Always Be Learning

Let’s face it, most businesses and homeowners take their roofs for granted until something goes wrong. Then the roof becomes an unavoidable expense. Over the years, we have adapted our business to meet the requirements of our customers and use the absolute best in materials and techniques. We learn from everything from celebrating our successes to handling our failures with transparency and grace. 

Always Be Adapting

When our roof installation and restoration business needed to provide custom sheet metal for our clients, we built our own sheet metal facility and machine shop. This allowed us to adapt quickly to our clients’ needs and reduce the cost of machining and metalwork. Adaptability is important for any business, including companies like ours that install and repair roofs and provide masonry and tuckpointing services. There’s always something new, and Frederic is there to provide it to our clients. 

Frederic Roofing Is Your Trusted Roofing Source

Our goal is to be the roofing company you turn to for help and advice through the years. Your roof is a critical part of your home, and you need an experienced advisor to make sure it lasts as long as you need it to. Call us and let us help you with roof repairs, replacement roofing, or your next roofing project. We have the technology, the trained personnel, and the knowledge to bring you the best possible outcome. 

Don’t trust your roof to anyone else—trust it to a company that has been established in the St. Louis community for nine decades. And remember, for a hole in your roof or for a whole new roof, Frederic Roofing. 

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