roofing tips for homeownersAt Frederic Roofing Company we make it our responsibility to be an excellent resource by providing tips for homeowners. We enjoy making sure that they are all always in the loop with what’s going on in the industry with our contractor newsletter. Our Ten Things to Ask Your Contractor checklist is also available with helpful information to be aware of before you begin any roofing project. Whether it’s roofing industry news, current specials, or tips for those looking to start a roofing project, we are a great resource for keeping consumers informed!

Learn what you should expect before getting started on your roofing project with our list of 10 questions you should ask your contractor. Some of those include Are you licensed? Will there be someone on site that I can discuss my concerns with? Do you have a plan in case of bad weather while working on my roof? Does your company offer a warranty? Do you have any references? All of these important questions and more are available to you through our Ten Things to Ask Your Contractor download!

The roofing industry news in our newsletter can include anything from proper maintenance for a specific type of roof to the new roofing materials on the market. It also allows us to show our customers exactly which specials we are running at Frederic Roofing Company and when. We have the ability to make sure that customers know all of the helpful tips and tricks for their home and include that in our newsletter!

Our customers are our number one priority here at Frederic Roofing Company, so our team of certified professionals is always here to help. Our contractor newsletters and Ten Things to Ask Your Contractor download include the latest roofing industry news, helpful tips, and useful information you should know before starting a project. Let us be your resource and help you stay informed with all of the information on the ever-growing roofing industry. Give us a call to schedule an appointment and check out our current roofing newsletter and Ten Things to Ask Your Contractor Download today!