The Benefits of Roof Restoration

Does your roof look tired and worn?  Do you have shingles that are curled, damaged or missing? Do you have small leaks around skylights, chimneys, or other roof structures? Has it been more than 10 years since your last major roof renovation?


If any of the above is happening to your roof you may be considering a replacement. But an entire replacement is expensive and time-consuming.  A roof restoration, on the other hand, preserves the existing structure of your roof and looks to replace damaged or worn shingles and other roof hardware. Here are some benefits to restoring your roof.


Restoration costs less than replacement

Most consumers will choose to restore their roof rather than replace it because a restoration is so much cheaper. In a replacement, the old roof has to be completely removed and then replaced which is very expensive per square foot. A restoration simply surveys the surface and makes repairs as needed which only costs a fraction in materials and labor.


Restoration extends the life of your roof

The typical roof restoration, depending on the materials used, can add 10 to 15 years of life to your roof. This is perfect if your budget is limited and you expect to be able to completely replace it down the road.


Restoration is quicker

Removing an old roof and putting a new one on is a process that can take weeks, during which it can rain. Depending on the extent of the replacement, you might not be able to occupy the house while it is going on.  Restoration, in most cases, can take the course of a weekend which results in much less disruption to your life.


Restoration can prepare your home for sale

If you are looking to sell your home, and the roof looks bad or is old, a restoration is a cost-effective way to address old issues, make the roof look better, and add life. And a solid, well-maintained roof is a great selling point.


Restoration is more energy efficient and sustainable

Since you are keeping most of your existing roofing materials, less of it will end up in a landfill which makes restoration a more environmentally-friendly option. Also, by using newer and more energy efficient materials, your home may help it qualify for Energy Star or LEED credits.

A professional opinion is best

Call Frederic Roofing for a free consultation. Our expert roofing technicians will inspect your roof, use sophisticated equipment to find moisture under the roof membrane, and give you a thorough and honest report of your roof’s condition including a comparison of roof replacement over roof restoration. If your roof is in relatively good shape, simple restoration, and minor repairs may be sufficient, saving you time and money.  If there is a hole in your roof or you need a whole new roof or part of one, Frederic Roofing will help.

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