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How Often Should You Get a Roofing Pro for an Inspection?

More than 10 million homeowners experienced hail damage to their homes in 2017. However, hail isn’t the only thing that causes roof damage. 

Your home’s roof protects your entire structure. Yet, knowing when you need roof repairs isn’t a simple task. But, your home might suffer if you don’t get repairs when needed.

You can protect your home by hiring a roofing pro to inspect it. But, how often should you get a roof inspection? 

If you’re wondering about this, continue reading this guide to learn how often you should get your roof inspected. 

What Causes Damage to a Roof?

There are numerous types of materials used for roofs, but asphalt shingles are the most common for homes. Asphalt shingles offer several benefits. First, they’re cost-effective, and secondly, they’re durable.

All roofing materials protect a home’s structure but can also wear out or leave a roof vulnerable. So, what affects the health of a roof? Here are a few things that can damage a roof:


Hail leaves dents and dings on a roof when it’s large enough. Minor dents and dings from hail might not damage a roof enough to require repairs or replacement, but you should address major dents.

When the dents are large and deep, they can prevent roofing materials from stopping rainwater from entering your house.


Wind tends to rip shingles off a roof, leaving areas unprotected. So when a strong wind storm rips past your home, you might notice that a few shingles aren’t there. 

Improper Installation

Roofs can also experience damage from improper installation. If the contractor didn’t install the roofing materials properly, they won’t hold up as they should. 


Finally, a roof might have damage from age. Shingles won’t last forever. Therefore, you might have roof damage because your roof is really old. 

In any case, catching trouble early on is vital for your home’s protection. 

What Happens When Your Roof Is Damaged?

Any roofing problem can lead to water damage in your home. Unfortunately, you might not see the warning signs of roof damage until severe damage has already occurred. 

If you regularly get a roofing inspection, you can spot damage early on, preventing major water damage from occurring. 

However, you can learn how to spot the signs of roof damage to help you detect the problem quickly. The first thing to watch for is water spots on your ceilings. If you see water spots, it could be from a leaky roof.

Secondly, you can look up at your roof to see if you can see any issues. You might also want to look in your yard after a storm. The purpose is to see if there are any shingles on the ground.

Knowing these warning signs helps you spot problems before they escalate. You might also want to learn the signs that indicate you need a new roof. 

Keeping up with your roof maintenance and repairs is vital for the integrity of your home, so you should learn the warning signs. It would help if you also realized how quickly roof damage could lead to water damage. 

It’s also good to know that addressing problems quickly is more affordable and helps you extend the lifespan of your roof. If you want your roof to last longer, you must keep up with the proper maintenance and repairs.

How Often Should You Contact a Roofing Pro for an Inspection?

So, what’s the best inspection frequency schedule to use? Of course, the frequency that you need inspections varies, but here are several tips to help you choose the proper frequency:


If you don’t see storm damage or visible problems with your roof, you can stick with an annual schedule for roofing inspections. A pro roofer can climb on your roof each year to perform this vital inspection.

As the contractor examines your roof annually, they’ll look for signs of damage on the shingles and flashing. They’ll also check the gutters and any other areas that could require repairs. 

Getting an annual inspection is the best option for most people. So, if you don’t have any major roof problems to report, you should still get your roof inspected once a year. 

After a Storm

You should also consider getting a roofing inspection after a severe storm, especially if your neighbors report roof damage. When severe storms damage homes, they often damage many homes in the area. 

Therefore, you should get an inspection after a storm sweeps through your area, even if you can’t see any damage.

If the storm damaged the roof, you’d need to document the damages when they happened if you want to report the claim to your home insurance agency. 

Visible Damage

Finally, you might experience times when you can see damage to your roof, even if there wasn’t a recent storm. For example, if you see a few shingles on the ground by your home, you should get an inspection.

Seeing shingles on the ground is visible damage that you shouldn’t ignore.

You might also notice other signs of damage when looking up at your roof. If this happens, you should contact a roofer for an inspection. 

Fixing roof issues in a timely manner helps you prevent more problems from developing. You’ll also save money if you fix the problems quickly rather than waiting for more problems to happen. 

Call a Roofing Pro for an Inspection

As you can see, a sturdy roof is vital for your home’s protection, yet many things can affect your roof’s integrity. The best way to protect your home and investment is by calling a roofing pro for an inspection.

Do you need a roof inspection? If you live in the Saint Louis area, contact Frederic Roofing. We provide inspection services, roof repairs, and roof replacements. 

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