Flat roofs are constructed of layered materials and drains to prevent leaks. They were popular residential roofing options in the early 20th century as more and more residential buildings were needed to house growing populations. Areas underneath a flat a roof were usable as regular living space, instead of a sloped roof creating an attic. The roof itself sometimes doubled as extra living space to dry laundry, house pigeon coops, or for storage. Flat roofs on residential buildings are still prevalent on older St. Louis homes but have experienced a resurgence with the growth of solar panel use. Modern materials are better at preventing leaks and cheaper to patch or replace.

Benefits of a flat roof

Flat Roof repair

Easy access for maintenance – Flat roofs are easier to work on and safer when a technician needs to climb up to it for inspection or cleaning.

Appearance – A flat roof is a practical roofing solution that can be covered in any number of modern materials. This will make them more beautiful to look at from windows with a roof view.

Cheap to recoat and seal – With proper care and the right layered materials, your flat roof can stay leak-free

Stability – Flat roofs also provide significantly more stability than standard sloped roofs do. The flat, symmetric surface of the flat roof means there will be less resistance to the wind compared to the angled roofs. The wind resistance makes a difference because strong storms can cause damage to the shingles and tiles that are installed on an angled roof home or business. By resisting these damages, flat roofs have the potential to last for many years.

Are you thinking of a flat roof?

The larger an area a flat roof has to cover, the more unstable it becomes which gives it a distinct disadvantage in heavy rain or regions that receive a lot of snowfall. Flat roofs may need additional structural reinforcement. Proper maintenance is key to the longevity of any roof, but it is particularly critical for flat roofs. If a flat roof is not properly cared for, there is a higher risk of leaking and replacement much sooner than expected. This is where Frederic Roofing Company comes in. Our team will make sure that your flat roof is sealed and re-coated to maintain its stability and prevent leaks.

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