A low slope roof can be used for larger residential roofs such as those found on some condominium units and townhouses. Most applications of a low slope roof are for smaller roofs that are a part of a larger roof system such as porches, patios, garage transitions, and carports. They normally won’t cover much square footage, but this doesn’t mean they should be an afterthought when it comes to protecting your home.

The Benefits of a Low Slope Roof

A low slope roof is an excellent choice when you need to extend your existing structure to cover an addition. There are many advantages to having Frederic Roofing Company install or repair a low slope roof for your home or business.

Having a low slope roof limits air from getting under your roof making your home easier to keep warm or cool during the seasons. There are also significantly fewer maintenance requirements that come with having a low slope roof. Because of their structure, they are easier to walk around on. This means that you will have the ability to see if any repairs are necessary more often, preventing them from getting worse over time because they went unnoticed.

Thinking of installing a low slope roof?

At Frederic Roofing Company, building a low slope roof requires less building materials which will reduce the cost of having it installed. With lower labor costs, you will have the opportunity to select a roofing material that matches the vision you have for your roof. Our team will install supports on the sides of your home that will prevent our employees from having to lift large trusses, making it easier to build

If you are searching for the perfect low slope roof for your home or if a low slope roof is included in your roof system, let Frederic Roofing Company help. We ensure a high level of customer service by guaranteeing that our customers receive the best solution for any of their roofing desires from our team. We stand behind all of our products and services that go into installing or repairing your low slope roof because we are confident in the work done by our professional staff.

Trust Frederic Roofing

We have satisfied the needs of over 70,000 customers in the area, leaving no project until our customers are completely satisfied. Let us show you all of the reasons why St. Louis residents and business owners continue to come to Frederic Roofing Company for repairs and installation of their roof. Request an estimate or give us a call to learn more about the advantages of having a low slope roof. We look forward to working with you and becoming your St. Louis roofer for life.