Frederic Roofing's Roof Restore System



Frederic Roofing's exclusive Roof Restore System provides the cost-effective solution for ugly black roof staining.

Offered exclusively by an experienced roofing contractor, the system is the only treatment that restores your roof's beauty and defends against future algae infestation. This treatment is applied using components which are water-based and sprayed at low pressure. No pressure washing!

  • Stage 1: cleans the roof and removes existing algae stains.
  • Stage 2: defends against future algae infestation.
  • Stage 3: binds Stage 2 to the roof for long-term defense.

Only this solution can enhance the curb appeal of your home or business. It protects your property over time by eliminating the need for expensive and potentially damaging maintenance contracts.

Roof Restore is backed by a limited 3-year warrantyFrederic Roofing's experienced applicators have been trained to treat your property with respect, avoiding damage to your roof or landscaping.

Roof Restore

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