Wooden shake shingles are a natural residential roofing material that gives your home a unique and historic look that is difficult to achieve with modern roof coverings. Wood has been a popular roofing material for centuries, particularly during the colonial era, as it is easy to procure and shape to cover a variety of roof styles. The shake style of roof is unique in that the wooden shakes vary in size and placement, giving the home a rustic charm. Shakes are split from cedar logs and cured. They are a thicker than standard shingles with one or both surfaces separated to achieve a textured, natural effect. Because of the natural differences in wood and how they age, your shake roof will look different from your neighbor’s, even if it is made from the same material. If you are searching for a long-lasting and reliable choice for your roof, a wooden shake roof could be precisely what you are looking for.

Benefits of shake roofing


Look – Your new cedar shake roof will begin life with a natural wood color, but as your roof ages it will take on a smooth silver-gray tone. Perhaps the most significant benefit of cedar shake roofing is that when cared for properly, it looks better and more distinctive as it ages.

Durability – Cedar shingles, when installed by a professional and properly maintained, can last 25-35 years depending on the quality of the materials and local weather. The shake shingle roofs can withstand multiple weather conditions making them less susceptible to damage compared to other common roofing materials. They will also increase the strength of the roof, making it an excellent long-term investment for your home.

Energy efficient – Wood material provides natural insulation which is in some cases twice as useful as asphalt shingles. This reduces ambient heat loss in winters and makes for more efficient cooling in summers.

Eco-friendly – Since your shake roof is made entirely of wood, which is a natural, renewable resource, it is easily recyclable

Proper maintenance is key

Your shake roof will provide decades of protection and beauty as long as it is maintained periodically by a trained roofing professional. Shake shingles are more expensive to install and replace than asphalt shingles. They require regular power washing to remove insects, mold, and mildew and particular care must be taken if trees surround your roof as they can be damaged by falling branches.

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