Tile roofing has become more popular over the years as a customizable and durable residential roofing solution particularly in areas that are exposed to heat, humidity, or salt air. This is why they are popular in areas like Arizona, California, and Florida but there is a growing number of buildings in the St. Louis area that are either being built with a tile roof or existing structures that are replacing their roofing materials with tile.

Benefits of tile roofing


Leak-proof – A quality tile roof is almost impervious to leaks unless they break. Depending on their shape, water runs off tile quickly and unimpeded reducing the chances of water pooling and leaking into your attic.

Customizable – Tile roofing comes in a wide variety of sizes, colors, and shapes that will enhance the appearance of any roof in any neighborhood. We provide our customers with options by presenting them with tiles that come in a wide variety of colors, making it easy for them to coordinate their roof with the exterior colors of their home. And if a tile does break, it is easy to replace with a tile that exactly matches the original.

Low maintenance – With proper cleaning, tile roofing is impervious to mold, rot, and insect damage. An annual power wash is all it takes to remove dirt and debris.

Durable – Out of the many advantages that come with a tile roof from Frederic Roofing Company, durability is probably the most important. Our tiles are designed to handle high wind speeds and harsh weather conditions with the outer shell and the underlayment providing tough, water-shedding protection. A tile roof can last over 100 years if maintained properly. Tile can easily withstand high winds, hail and even fire.

Considering a tile roof for your home or business?

Find a quality installer if you plan to switch to tile. Besides being beautiful and durable, tile roofs are also expensive and heavy, mainly if they are being used to cover a large area. Tile can be three to four times as heavy as a comparable asphalt shingle roof. Tiles can also be brittle and may break if they suffer a substantial impact from a tree or even being walked on. The slope of your roof may also prevent you from using tile.

Tile also requires a professional installer with the experience to lay the tile out in a specific pattern so that no moisture gets through to your home.

Look no further than Frederic Roofing Company for tile roof installation and repairs

We stand behind all of our products and services that go into installing or repairing your roof because we are confident in the work done by our professional staff. We bring a high level of customer satisfaction by providing our customers with the best solution for any of their tile roofing desires and giving them the best customer service that a roofing company can provide.

Providing you with the strong and durable tile roof that you are searching for, that’s the Frederic Roofing Company guarantee. We have satisfied the needs of over 70,000 customers in the area, leaving no roof under our customers’ expectations. Let us show you all of the reasons why St. Louis residents and business owners continue to come to Frederic Roofing Company for their tile roof installation, repairs, and all other roofing needs. Request an estimate or give us a call today to learn more about what a tile roof can do for your home or business and schedule your appointment! We look forward to working with you and becoming your St. Louis roofer for life.