Plan a yearly review for commercial roofing upkeep

4 Commercial Roofing Yearly Tips

Yearly Commercial Roofing Upkeep

A roof is a big investment for your business, and it’s something you need to protect if you want to avoid costly roof repairs and disastrous problems. Roof repairs can slow your business down and cost you tons of money. Not properly maintaining your roof can have a negative impact on your bottom line and ultimately affect employee productivity and morale. 

Here are five tips to get the most out of your commercial roof and keep it in tip-top condition throughout the year.

Commercial Roofing Maintenance Is a Must

Whether your business is small or large, commercial roof maintenance is an absolute must. If you are thinking long term for your building and your roof, it’s smart to have a maintenance plan in place with a roofing contractor. 

A roof maintenance program typically involves a team of roofing specialists performing regular inspections. A roof inspection program will involve inspecting and repairing any damages to extend the life of your roof and to prevent minor problems from becoming larger issues.

You can expect the following from a commercial roofing inspection:

  • Interior inspection to check for water intrusion
  • Exterior inspection to check for damage to your roof’s surface
  • The contractor will provide a repair estimate

Communicate With Your Roofing Contractor Often

Having a good relationship with a roofing contractor is key. Whether you need a repair or complete replacement, your roofing partner should know exactly what to expect. They should know everything about your existing roof system so that they can quickly estimate how long a job will take and how much it will cost. This makes repairs and replacements much easier to deal with.

Know Your Warranty

When you get a new roof—whether it’s a flat metal roof, TPO, shingle, or rubber/EPDM—make sure to get your warranty in writing and that you fully understand it. Roofing warranties typically cover a lot, and knowing what your warranty covers is extremely important later down the line and could save you from having to deal with additional problems.

Consider Roof Restoration

Roof restoration is something to seriously consider before you replace your entire roof. Restoration is an alternative to repair or replacement. It allows you to get more life from your existing roof when it is still in fairly good shape. By choosing this cost-effective option, you may even be able to reap tax incentives among several other benefits.

Plan Ahead and Prepare for Seasonal Changes

Something important to keep in mind throughout the year is that you always want to be preparing for the season ahead of you. When it comes to your roof, taking proactive measures will save you in the long run if you perform the appropriate checklist items. Make sure you are prepping your commercial roof ahead of time for summer, fall, winter, and spring. Depending on what season you are prepping for, this could mean cleaning the gutters, checking for water damage, or repairing any leaks.

Get the Most out of Your Commercial Roof—Call Frederic Roofing

Proper roof maintenance is important, which is why it is even more important to find a trusted partner to rely on. Frederic Roofing is an experienced roofing contractor in the St. Louis area, and we are proud to offer our many commercial clients a variety of roofing services. 

If you are a facility manager or building owner who is interested in a partnership with Frederic Roofing, don’t hesitate to reach out. Contact Frederic Roofing today for more information!