4 Benefits of Working with a Local Roofing Contractor

So, it happened.  An early September St. Louis storm churned up late one sticky afternoon and blew through your town.  Some trees are down, a few people lost power, but the worst of it, to you, are the shingles in the yard, the gutters that are detached from the house, and the growing dark spot on your living room ceiling. You need roof repair and soon.  But who do you call, and why? Some companies follow the storm, offering bargain basement rates and a quick turnaround. Others are local, have been in the community for decades. Which is better?


The biased advice from Frederic Roofing is to call a local contractor, but there are some very solid reasons why a local roofing contractor is the best choice when you need emergency or routine roof maintenance.


A local contractor knows you – Perhaps they don’t know you personally, but they will treat you like they do. And they have good reason to, they are members of the same community. You see their commercials during baseball games, they sponsor local charities, you see their trucks driving around town. A local company will bring a neighborly approach because they actually are your neighbors.


The local company has better accountability – Let’s say you hire a storm chaser to repair your roof and later down the road when something goes wrong. They are long gone. And even if they do have a guarantee, there is no guarantee they will honor it. They already made their money off of you, why would they fix a minor issue? A local company stands by its services because as your neighbor, they have to. A good reputation is probably a local company’s greatest asset and if their work doesn’t meet your standards, it is absolutely in their best interests to stand by it and make it right.


Local companies have better references – And this goes beyond social media and internet reviews. If you ask around your neighborhood, chances are one or more of your neighbors have used the same company. Go ahead and ask them if they would use the same company. The advice you get will be more genuine than anything you read online.


Support local business – There are local businesses like Frederic Roofing that have been family businesses since day one. Companies like ours are built on cultures and traditions that just can’t be fabricated or duplicated. And beyond the emotional appeal, you are keeping money in the community and keeping local roofers, your neighbors, employed.


You need a company that will stand by you.  Everyone loves sunny days, but when storms come, you need a local roofing contractor that can stand the rain. Call Frederic Roofing for emergency roofing services or roof replacement. We have been doing this for a very long time, we know the best solutions, you can trust our expertise and our estimates. And we won’t leave you out in the rain.

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