5 Steps to Prep Your Roof for Fall and Winter

Winter is coming—is your roof ready?

Ever tried fixing your roof in the dead of winter?  It’s much easier to make adjustments when the weather is a little milder, and the snow isn’t mounting up on your roof. The best maintenance is preventative maintenance—it gives you enough time to identify issues with your roof before the changing seasons make their presence known. The important part is being diligent about your preparation. Leave no stone (or shingle) unturned so that you can confidently say that your roof can take on whatever comes its way. We’ve listed some of the most important steps homeowners and business owners alike can take to make sure that their roof is in the best shape possible when winter comes.


Residential/Commercial Roof Maintenance Checklist

  • Clear off debris: Just because leaves don’t seem to weigh a ton doesn’t mean they don’t add pressure on your roof. As the trees start to do some serious shedding, the collection of leaves can add up. Make sure that you’re removing debris from the surface of your roof. Small pieces of dirt, pine needles, and leaves can contain moisture, rot, or mold that can break down the material and cause roof leaks.
  • Check for early signs of deterioration: Weather events don’t need to be as catastrophic as a tornado to have an impact. Even run-of-the-mill rainstorms and gusting winds can cause significant deterioration over time. Adhering to a consistent preventative maintenance schedule is the best way to make sure that you’re not neglecting any early signs of problems to come. Always try and remain accountable so that you can spot an issue before it’s too late.
  • Clean the gutters: It might seem negligible initially, but the slow build-up of leaves and debris in your gutter can pose a series of issues if you’re not taking the time to remove them. Rainwater can overflow the gutters, causing potentially severe damage to your roof, trim, and siding. A thorough cleaning of your gutters can prevent problems and keep maintenance costs at a lower, more manageable level. Replacing or restructuring an entire gutter can be a costly fix for any home or business.
  • Check the inside of your home, too: You might not think about what goes on in your attic too often, but it’s a hotbed for roofing issues to manifest themselves. If there is light shining through the attic anywhere where your roof should be, it’s imperative that it’s fixed as soon as possible.
  • Examine specific shingles: Your roof might still look great from afar, but inspecting the shingles individually (as arduous as it sounds) is crucial for ensuring the quality of your entire roof. A cohesive, unified roof won’t have any faltering areas that are prone to leaks or damages, but over time their condition can be compromised. Make sure that you’re staying out in front of the issue before the season’s change and amount of issues that could go wrong really kicks up a notch.


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