Is insurance coverage important for your new roof?

The contractors have left, the nails and debris have been removed from your lawn, the checks have been written, and you are left with the aftermath of all this effort and expense. Replacing a roof is a time consuming and expensive process. When you look up at your new roof, you can’t help but wonder what would happen if it were destroyed tomorrow. There is no reason to panic, your roof installer and homeowners insurance is there to help you protect your investment. Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to make sure you are prepared and give you some peace of mind.

Is my new roof covered under warranty?

Reputable residential roofing contractors not only do quality work, but they steadfastly stand by their quality and their roofing services by issuing installation warranties. Your contractor will have explained this before a single shingle was installed. The asphalt shingles themselves most likely have a manufacturer’s warranty that covers repair or replacement of defective materials after they have been installed. Frederic Roofing will make sure you understand all warranties associated with your new roof and have all documentation.

Does my homeowner’s policy cover roof damage?

Coverage will depend on how old your property is, how old your roof is, where you live, and other factors. The best way to find out for sure is to thoroughly read your policy or contact your insurance provider.

Each provider is different and will cover things differently.  For example:

How was your roof damaged? – Wind, rain, and hail are natural occurrences normally covered by your policy, but fire, tree branches, or vandalism, although unpreventable, may not be.

How old is your roof? – If your roof is ten years old or less you may be fully covered at the time of your claim. If it is older, your insurance company may reimburse you only for the depreciated value of your roof which takes into account the aging and wearing of the roof materials.

How to protect your new roof

The best way to make sure your roof lasts a long time is to schedule annual roof inspections by a trained roofing technician. This inspection will investigate the cause of any immediate issues such as leaks but also for other potential issues that can affect the life of your roof in the future. If your roof is under warranty, this may be a requirement, but even if not, regular inspections are the only way you can see potential issues coming and take action to fix them before they become costly problems down the road.

Call Frederic Roofing

Our licensed technicians have years of experience inspecting and maintaining residential roofs just like yours. Your new roof can be damaged by wear and tear just as easily as a falling tree or high winds. Frederic Roofing can provide the regular inspections you need for peace of mind. Call us today and see why over 80,000 satisfied customers have trusted Frederic Roofing with their home.


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