Winter Roof Maintenance Tips

The winter months in St. Louis can be brutal and unpredictable. Here are two major maintenance tasks you can do to keep your home protected all season long.

Even with regular maintenance, the winter months can take a toll on your roof. The very thing that your roof is designed to keep out, ice and moisture, is it’s own worst enemy.

Prevent Ice Dams

Your gutters are a critical part of your roof. They collect water and direct it away from your home, which is important because otherwise, water runoff will go down your siding and into the foundation. This combination of moisture and cold can cause damage to your foundation and other parts of your home if left unchecked.

Ice dams are buildups of ice when your gutters aren’t clearing the water from the roof quick enough. Water from the roof refreezes in the gutters creating a rim of ice that blocks runoff from the roof. The damage doesn’t come from the ice itself but from the water that pools behind the ice and therefore has nowhere to go but under the shingles, through the roof, and onto your ceilings. There are two ways you can prevent ice dams:

Clean your gutters before winter – When your gutters can’t clear water quick enough because of leaves or sticks blocking your downspouts, this is a prime reason why ice dams build up. This is obviously something that needs to be done before it gets brutally cold, but you might find you need to clear them when it is cold.

Make sure you have a cold roof – Your attic is meant to be cold, and heat that escaped into the attic can form warm spots on your roof that melts snow and ice where it runs down to the rim of your roof which is colder and refreezes. Proper insulation has two functions, to keep warm air in your living spaces and out of your attic which keeps the roof surface cold.

Look for Loose or Damaged Shingles

Ice, snow, and blowing wind can wreak havoc on your shingles. Depending on the angle, wind can get under your shingles and loosen them, or blow them off the roof altogether. After a snowstorm or a prolonged period of cold weather, do a visual inspection of your roof from the ground to see if you can spot any shingles that are damaged or missing. If you do see any, you should check the attic for leaks as well.

Call Frederic Roofing

While you can do a quick inspection from the ground, the best way to make sure your roof is in good repair and that your gutters are clear of obstructions is to get on your roof for a closer look. This is where calling Frederic Roofing can really pay off. Not only can we give your roof a close-up inspection, but our professionals can spot other pot

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